A brand inspired by nature and designed for flexibility.


Create an identity system for a new small business specializing in healthy take-away food for busy families. Enable the business owners to quickly create marketing materials as the need arises.


Each client I work with has different capabilities and needs – I might alter my approach and apply my skills where and how they are best suited for the project. This also means that I vary my activities and deliverables per client and per project.


For this initiative, I completed a review of the client’s needs, a review and synthesis of the client’s existing market research, and a benchmark of competitors in the business location.



I worked with the client through several iterations of sketching and mood boards to narrow down the concept. The client provided some inspirational imagery, to which I added more in order to refine the sentiment of the brand.



Logo, type, colour and spacing guidelines were included in my final deliverable to the client.

(See some examples below!)

Moodboard A


This moodboard was inspired by the history and artistry of beekeeping. I took inspiration from old instruction manuals, natural woven beekeeping huts called ‘Skeps’. I used typefaces that evoked a sense of history and tradition.

Moodboard B


This moodboard was inspired by the accuracy and repetition of the honeycomb structure. I took inspiration from modern interpretations of honeycomb shapes in found in architecture and consumer goods. The typefaces that I chose here reflected the mathematic, sound structure of the honeycomb.


In order to ensure that costs were kept low, I sourced open-source typefaces that would be flexible enough to use for print and digital purposes. A robust, gracefully curving typeface for the company name is complimented by a clean-lined thinner typeface for the supporting text.


Apiary Typography


This logo had to be clear and flexible to use at several sizes, with or without the hexagon shape.

Apiary Logo

Template System

To enable the client to create their own menus, signage and other marketing materials I created a few templates using Microsoft word. This enabled me set the typographic approach, alignment and spacing – making it easier for the user to get consistent-looking materials while saving time and budget.



Apiary Logo

Sample applications of templates