Hi! I’m Angela Barber, but most people know me simply as Ange.

I’m a creative go-getter who likes to help people get things done. I’m a designer by trade and constantly evolving my craft. While my work keeps me busy, I’m also a mom, wife, gardener, cook and karaoke lover.

What I’m passionate about

Design Process

I believe that design needs to be a shared, facilitated process. Anyone can be a creator, they just need a structure to think and act within. This is why I’m moving my skills towards design facilitation.

Nature knows what's best

Natural systems are networks that are flexible, dynamic and resilient. Being reminded of this informs my work and approach to life. Strengthening the system makes it more resilient to breaks.

Humility = openness

While being humble can make me vulnerable to advantageous types, it also makes me more open to new ideas. Empathy, admitting when I’m wrong, and letting go of old ideas can make way for new points of view and enriches my life.

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